This Is My Story

Balance, health, pleasure, love and acceptance these are the values that drive me in my personal and professional life. However, it wasn't always this way

My story starts at a young age, somewhere around age 11. I always try to think back to that time, to figure out why it all happened. Was it my desire to always be in control, to be the skinniest, to be the best, or was it self-punishment for all the things in my life that did not turn out the way I wanted? It’s still unclear to me.

21 - Day Program

Our 21 Day Sugar Free Detox is designed to rid your body of it's sugar addiction by giving you the tools you'll need to live a sugar free lifestyle. We believe that real results come from eating real food and that’s why our program is designed to do. We teach you how to do all the right things, with all the right foods, so your weight loss journey can continue far beyond the 21 day program. We believe in order for you to thrive it takes more than being told what to eat. Let us teach you from a to z how to live a happy, healthy, and most importantly lasting lifestyle.

age:40 lost: 100 pounds

Mario Lopez

age:40 lost: 100 pounds

age:36 lost: 50 pounds

Sara Dagan

age 33 Lost: 10 pounds


Certified Nutritionist Karin Adoni as seen on KTLA

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