35 Days & 25 Pounds


35 days into my diet...

Hi Dear Readers

It is just over a month since I started my diet and I lost 5 more pounds, making a total 25 pounds down and 75 to go
Can u believe it? If any of you would have lost 25 pounds you would have look fabulous and hot and me? I am still same old fatso with all this extra flubs. Yes, I look at my self at the mirror and I look better that what I was before but still sooooo fat so much work ahead

And the worst is that when I reach my goal I'll have to keep it and this is where I failed again and again in the past, would I be able to keep the pace? Will I be able to control myself?
Karin is very skinny but not enough that I can keep her in my back pocket for the rest of my life.

I went to karin this weeks complaining that I am bored to death and I I want a change,
Stupid stupid stupid
You never say something like this to your nutritionist, especially after a month past and she sees that you can hold to your diet, immediately, she suggested to replace my breakfast from time to time with a detoxifying smoothie I can make myself at home with and emailed me receipts of how to achieve a delicious smoothies with spinach and ginger involved.

So immediately I went to buy all these berries kiwis and green stuff from traders joes. When I reached the cashier he asked me if I keep rabbits at home? I ask him for a piece of paper and wrote Karin number on it tucking it in his shirt and telling him that he can call this number if he wants to raise some rabbits as well.

So here I am trying to figure out ways to avoid eating bad food and keep shedding the weight, still not moving enough as I was kind of immobilized with terrible allergies for the past two weeks, and dying to get forward much faster that I am.

I already destroyed the top shelf of my closet where I secretly strore all my “skinny jeans”. And let me tell you I have enough sizes for 80 pounds of weight loss in my closet, and I intend to eventually wear the shit out of them. I tend to try on the nice skinny clothes mainly to asses how much weight I lost before going on Karin’s scale and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy anything new until I reached my goal. Once I do inevitably reach my goal though, game over, sorry bank account.

My friends, people who see me keep asking me what do I do, I need you to know that the only thing I now do is follow Karin orders and shut my mouth. I am trying to avoid complicated meals because I believe if it tastes too good you cannot stop.
I still make sure I eat only what I like I eat lots of vegetables and fruits and trying to eat most of them raw. I keep my fruit intake to no more than two or three per day. I eat bread but only Ezekiel bread and no more than two slices per day. I choose not to drink and/ or eat dairy besides sometimes Greek yogurt and once a weekend some cream in my coffee, during the week I drink almond milk. I don't use any sauce filled or spices loaded with sodium and I cook my meals always from scratch. Most importantly
I am making a conscious effort not to eat outside of the house more than twice a week which believe me my friend is very hard for me, But I believe it has very been very impactful to my success.

I do binges, I still can't completely avoid them but I do them in a controlled way, a slice of Ezekiel toast and raw almond butter or avocado on top, larabar bar or carrots and sliced apples. Wow, I love re-reading that, those are some healthy binges. Go me!

Haven't touched chocolate or a cake for 35 days, and it feels like what I'd imagine a woman being away from her husband for 35 days would feel, really ready for it to get back inside of me. But I persevere.


If I want to be true to myself and you guys I did sneak one dark chocolate covered almond yesterday and my daughter caught me right away forcing me to explain. I don't know what was worse that I was caught or that she counts how many chocolate almonds she has by her bed, Who is she hiding them from? God, we must all be fat in my house.
It is not always easy but it is definitely doable I just need to wake up each morning and prepare for war.
I am here to win.
Till the next time,