58 Days and I Rant....


“If you are going through hell, keep going"
Winston Churchill

58 days into “Karin way of life”

Shalom to all my readers

58 days into my diet and here I am again, telling you about my chase after the Hollywood dream,
“To be skinny no matter what the price you need to pay”
we live in plastic lalaland and we need to abide by the rules,
Exercise till you drop
Eat healthy “shit” (forgive my language)
Plastic surgery your body and face or just move your body fat from one place to another within your body, remove some from the stomach and stuck it in the hollows of your face etc etc
Look good on the outside at all costs, the inside matters more in other cities of the world
But I love in LA so barbie doll its is
at least I already have big boobs, can save some money there, hopefully my glorious boobs won't fade away with the extra weight.

Enough nonsense for now, let's get to the core of things, I lost only two and a half pounds this week, I didn't meet the 5 pounds goal I had set for myself. So i decided to kick things up a notch and join her 21 days sugar free workshop starting this coming Monday. I dont always work well in groups, as I think I know everything better than anyone, and sometimes I just like being indepedent and relying only on myself. But apparently I dont know enough nor do i have enough self restraint because I have not consistanly met my benchmark goals, and so I need to try something new. something to get me a little bit sexier a lot faster.
Karin thinks Its because I'm not following her menu and I'm doing my own thing.
which isnt a far stretch from the truth

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”
Katharine Hepburn

maybe it's because I told her I don’t have time to eat breakfast, since I started walking in the mornings with my friends and by the time, I return home, it is already time for snack, or maybe because, I told her, I ate only an apple and some green beans on Tuesday, because, I knew I am weighing myself first thing on Wednesday morning and I wanted to lose some more weight.
As per Karin, not eating enough is harming the process of losing the weight, I promised I’ll be a good girl starting today, I will diet by the book. And obey the rules.
I think I should get a trophy for shaking her out of her cool, I successfully managed to get her angry this time, I actually saw some steam coming out of her face, it was worth every extra pound, I will need to lose next week.
well, what was she thinking, I starve like a dog all week, I would be happy to meet her goal. But the stupid five pounds have their own voice and they refuse to leave my body so willingly.
It is big and warm and cozy and soft, it makes the pounds feel happy and secure.
Poor me, I am taking drastic measures to get rid of them to no avail, they are not ready to depart yet, they have their own schedule, that of a 57 old women, who already left the menopause behind, but since it came to visit, nothing is the same, I poo to little, I pee too much, I am cold when everyone else is feeling warm and I am burning hot when it is freezing outside, my thyroids are slow, my metabolism is slower and my body is constantly in a recuperating mode.
A life of a woman is not an easy life, we look our best when it is the time to catch a good match, then we settle in and we start reproducing, which leave its own damages behind and before we manage to recuperate from the breeding process, we actually need to raise of the little ones, what were we thinking
We have menopause and our men have a nice “middle life crisis”, we spent our money and efforts to restore our youthful look and they buy a new overly expensive and underly comfortable sports car.
We proudly gained our emancipation after years of fighting for women rights and where did it leave us
Mating, reproducing, raising the kids, maintaining house and on top of all studying and working outside, no wonder we over eat sometimes, we are eating our feeling of despair.
And men
They didn’t need to fight for their rights,
They mate with as many as possible till they find the one, they reproduce but without the pain, they raise the kids when it is not interfering with their other life, they maintain that we maintain the house and reluctantly help when and if we ask and they work hard between meetings and lunch.
And then they go strolling the town with their shiny sports car while we help our kids raise their little ones.
271/2 pound behind 721/2 to go…….. BE WARE MY POUNDS, HERE I COME…….
This is all for today, need to run to lose some more weight, my new goal is to lose 17 pound for Passover.