7 Day Ab Challenge

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means…'s time to get in shape. I know what you’re thinking, working out, the dreadful thought, I’d rather sit at home and starve. But hey, I promise you it’s not that bad. The hardest part is getting off the couch.

Not all fitness has to be done at a state of the art studio, take a long time, or even require any expensive equipment. Some of the best exercises can be done right in the privacy of your own home and can take less then 30 minutes. In order to get the ball rolling and show you that working out can be quick, effective, and fun I am challenging you to complete my 7 Day Ab Challenge.

Each workout should take less than 10 minutes, can be done at home, and requires no equipment. All you need is positive attitude. Every day I will post a work out for you to complete the next day. Make sure to follow our #7dayabchallenge on my blog, instagram, twitter and facebook. We can do this guys!


Dont forget to send me pictures of you doing the sugar free queen #7dayabchallenge, you might even win a little prize!!