9 Pounds Down


"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou

Day 9:

Yesterday, was Monday, January 11, 2016 and I had to go to weigh myself as it was the end of my first week of dieting. So of course I wore the lightest clothes I owned, took off all my “heavy” Jewelry and went to weigh and measure myself for the first time. I haven’t gone near a scale all week. I even hid my scale who usually resides in his honorary spot in my bathroom. I knew that going on a scale everyday as I always tempted to do in the past would drive me crazy and lead me to one of the following options 1. Eat nothing 2. Eat everything in sight. Unfortunately, neither of these options align with any of Karin’s guidelines. In fact they are both big NO, NO’s in Karin’s “Healthy way of eating” program.
Never starve yourself to death and call me before you go on a binge.
Holy Crap!!!! I lost 9 whole pounds and I am so proud of myself!

The thing is, I am eating 5 meals a day, Karin customized a special menu for me with all the things I like to eat and I don’t even have to avoid carbs, fruits or oils, just use the right healthy ones and reduce the quantities.
There is only one thing I regret, I should not have chosen Monday mornings as my weigh in date, it makes me have to watch my diet… even in the weekend and it leaves me with absolutely no excuses. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid, ME!
I should have thought of it before, but clearly I didn’t and now I am stuck with being good, all the time.
I was being perfect all week and a lot of it is due to you my friends, even if I tend to disappoint myself from time to time, no way, I can disappoint you, because maybe, just maybe there are some of you who need to lose the weight as much as I do and want me to succeed in order to start believing in your own powers to resist this terrible voice of hunger that whisper in your ears.
Excessive eating is not going to solve my problems or make me happy, just the same as complaining about them won’t make them go away, the way I see it,

So I wore my assertive cloths and went to find real solutions within myself.
The only weak point in my diet so far, I have to admit, is the exercising part. I am a book-worm, I like to do everything sitting down and I hate exercising. Even when I was in school, I used the “It’s that time of the month” excuse every time they tried to make run.
I have to admit, I Michal Eskinazi am a nerd and a wimp.
I went one day this week walking up the hill, near my house with my daughter Maya, who kept running back and forth screaming orders at me, “don’t talk on the phone, don’t text, walk faster, look at the view around you, enjoy the fresh air”, I really had a great time, we walked for an hour and covered 3.75 miles and when we returned home, I felt sooooo good, but then I got busy with the rain and work and blogs and a new column I started in Hebrew in the Israeli newspaper “Shavua Israeli” and all the other excuses, I could invent.


Well I found a solution, my friend Carol, emailed me that her New Year resolution was to reconnect with old friends, she loves and doesnt get to see often and therefore she would like to walk one day a week with me, immediately I emailed her back and made a date and called some of my other estranged friends, making a walking date with them once a week, because as I just told you my new resolution in life is to
Act to solve my problems not wallow in them.

Till the next time,