Cheat Meals


Hey guys it’s me, again! It’s Monday and the new week has finally started, meals have been prepped, goals have been set, and clothes have been packed for an after work gym sesh. I’ve set a new goal for myself: to go to the gym at least 4 times each week. If I complete this goal I plan on splurging on a lot of new workout clothes, but hey a girls got to get motivation somehow. Working out has immense benefits, a part from burning calories, you are also shaping your body, building muscle, and becoming stronger inside and out. I love the feeling I get after a good workout, it makes me fee like I can conquer the world!

Enough talk about the gym, let’s talk about CUPCAKES! Those fluffy, sugary, fatty, and delicious goodies that I thought I could not live without. This week was my first chance to fit in a “cheat meal.” I kind of hate that phrase “cheat meal” I mean, whom am I really cheating on? I am just cheating myself out of the hot body I desired. It used to be that I cheated all the time. I used to wait till my boyfriend would leave the house and spend all day raiding the fridge, stuffing Oreos in my mouth, and ordering Bareburger veggie patties and fries. I was the world’s best cheater and I was very good at hiding it.

Before Karin’s program I couldn’t imagine having just one cupcake with tea and enjoying it. Really enjoying the sweet flavor, but loving clean, earthy vegetables and fruits just as much. On Sunday, after a brutal, yet productive gym session, I had lunch with a friend, salad and soup, and for dessert we decided to go to Two Little Red Hens. If you don’t live in Manhattan, you might not know about this little treasure on the Upper East Side of the city, but we sure do. Every cupcake is perfectly assembled; every bite is full of texture, flavor, and sugary heaven. Sometimes the lines are so long that you end up waiting for hours just to taste the Marble or Brooklyn Blackout cupcake.

We took our cupcakes home, one Marble and one Brooklyn, and headed back to my apartment. We split the cupcakes in half. I made a warm pot of cinnamon vanilla tea, and my friend had coffee with coconut milk. I savored every bite, I sipped my tea in between, I gave the cupcakes their much-needed respect, but when I was done, I was done. There was no wishing for more, there was no instant relapse of sugar addiction, there really was nothing.

There are a few tips that I would recommend for people who are doing “cheat meals”:

  • Make sure that you are really over your addiction, if you find yourself dreaming about the item you are going to eat, chances are you are going to have more than just one serving.

  • Have a plan past the cheat. That means meal-prep your week, so that your cheat doesn’t lead into another cheat and so on. If you have healthy meals to look forward to you don’t have the chance to fall back on bad habits.

  • Don’t go into survivor mode and think you will never see this cupcake or pizza again. It’s not healthy to deprive your body of the things you love. Just remember that if you eat healthy throughout the week, you can allow yourself this treat during the weekend.

  • Pick wisely. This I learned from Karin. Don’t just eat a bunch of Oreos or the Cheez-It that have been living in your kitchen cupboard for a month, if you want to splurge then do it with something that’s really worth it, something you really love.

The best part about beating my sugar addiction is being able to enjoy a cupcake or chocolate and not feel guilty. Not feel like from now on I’ll just eat everything in sight. I know now that I can control myself around these temptations, and when it feels right I can splurge and still feel fabulous. The thing I always try to keep in mind is that this is a lifestyle, not a diet. You have to change your habits to be successful in your healthy goals, but cupcakes are still allowed in the right moments.

Until next time,