Day 3 of my health journey:

I woke up into my 3rd day of my new healthy way of life, full of energy and a bit edgy. I suddenly realized I committed in front of everyone and their mothers to lose about 100 pound and it is only my 3rd day into the process. It is going to take a long time and lots of effort to get there. Out of frustration I invented all kinds of imaginary complaints and problems and threw them in the direction of my family members. My rationale being, “If I suffer, they should suffer with me” I mean isn’t this what family is for? Apparently not, my three not so young children and poor husband are already tiptoeing around me and it is only the 3rd day, may god be with them…..

Suddenly, I realized what my problem is, I DID THE ONE THING THAT KARIN TOLD ME NO MATTER WHAT NOT TO DO, I BROKE HER ONE BASIC RULE: NEVER SKIP A MEAL. And I did. I skipped a meal. I skipped dinner.

I should have known better, I’ve been there before, skipping meals, starving myself to death and then eating everything in sight in one glorious binge.

What happened was …I am a long time member of a foundation called “Larger than Life” which is dedicated to bring Israeli and Arab kids with cancer, from hospitals all around Israel for a 10 days of a dream trip in Los Angeles, each year.

Yesterday we had our first meeting for the year, the meeting took place at 8:00 pm and as I was in a rush to get there, so, I SKIPPED DINNER.


The meeting hostess, Michal, god bless her soul, prepared an amazing buffet table that really called my name and I got stuck there, hungry as hell, with nothing healthy to eat.
With Karin sniffing behind my back, I couldn’t sneak in a bite of anything. I tried to eat 7 almonds to calm my hunger, who was whispering tempting offers in my ear and immediately my friend Riki spotted me and said, “are you supposed to eat this in your first week of diet”? damn it. I exclaimed how beautiful the sushi tray looked and my friend Yona immediately informed me that it has a lot of rice and I cannot touch it. I was doomed.

So my friends, here I am, a day wiser and a meal lighter, realizing there is no escape now, thanks to my stupid idea to publicly publish my diet on the internet. At least I can be thankful for my amazing friends and family who are going to make this long, long journey towards my bikini all the more bearable. I cannot disappoint them now can I? … and Karin I vow never to skip dinner again.