It Can be Fun to Run.... I Promise.


So wait, before you click off this post, or scroll away, just listen please! I know running doesn’t seem like fun, I know that in high school you probably avoided the mile during gym class, but this is different, I promise.

First off, I was just like you. I HATED Running, in high school I literally would go hide in the bathroom, just to keep the gym teacher from finding me and forcing me to show how embarrassingly slow I could run the mile. It wasn’t until just two weeks ago, when the stress of friendships, recovering from a serious cold, and nursing my baby kitten back to health did I realize that I needed something to keep me from going certifiably insane.

It was a cooler day and I had just downloaded every single app I could possibly find on running. I finally found one that would allow me to play Kygo on Pandora, Runkeeper is great song song to run to FYI. I plugged in my headphones and started running. It was hard, it was exhausting. I paced myself, I listened to my breathing, I felt my feet hit the cobbled stones of the Carl Schurz Park, and then before I knew it 40 minutes had passed and I had finished 3 miles.

Since that day I became addicted to what is known to me as the runner’s high. That feeling of utter happiness, that euphoric elated sense of enjoyment. It has been my free therapy and my “me time” for the past two weeks and I have loved every second of it. Even on days, where my stomach hurt, or I didn't feel like running I pushed myself to do 3 days a week, and felt so much better after.

So, you are new to running? Don’t be intimidated, apart from burning a lot of calories, building muscle strength, and improving endurance, running is actually also very good for emotional stress. It helps you leave your family, friends, work issues at the door and really concentrate on what you can do.

Here are some tips:

  • Stretch before your run, after your run, and even after a hot shower.

  • Pace yourself. It is actually recommended to run/walk in order to avoid injuries and improve long distance speed. Do 3 minutes of running, followed by 1 minute of walking. You can also check out couch to 5K , which has a detailed program.

  • Find a race to sign up to so that you will have a reason to stay motivated

  • If you like to listen to music, plug in your favorite tunes and try to speed up when the beat increase, slow down when the beat gets slower, and walk for a minute after you finish a song.

What’s next? I’m going to my first Nike Running Club session on Saturday!!! I’m nervous and excited, how will I do? What will I be able to accomplish? Will this be gym class all over again? The thing is this, you can never improve if you don’t push yourself, you will never gain new experiences if you don’t leave your comfort zone, and what’s the harm in trying, so you fail, so you embarrass yourself, so you pick yourself back up and you do it all over again.

If you want to follow my journey head over to: www.runningtomilan.wordpress.comLet’s get running this spring time!