Natural Remedies

So winter is really here and this year it came in a big way, and along with it came sinuses, sore throats , and viruses. For this reason I would like to share with all of you some of my natural remedies to help strengthen the immune system, digestive system, and fighting against viruses.

1. Turmeric - the biggest star of them all, the most powerful anti-inflammatory in nature, raises the levels of anti oxidants, helps the body fight different viruses, prevents serious illnesses and offers very effective assistance in protection of the immune system. The active ingredient curcumin is supposed to be consumed on a daily basis. I would recommend buying fresh Corcrom root, and adding it to a vegetable soup, it enriches the taste and definitely will help your body unwind while strengthening the immune system. Another great way to consume a good amount of curcumin is drinking it as a shot in the morning, not only is it healthy its really tasty too! (recipe below)

2. Manuka honey, honey produced in small area of New Zealand, has the highest healing abilities due to a special and exclusive ingredient found in the honey ( UMF ) that has very powerful antibacterial activity, prevents bacterial cultures, even the most durable ones, and kills them. A great way to have Manuka honey is in a Herbal Tea, it can certainly help a sore throat and kill the bacteria

3. Ginger is known for its important and powerful healing capabilities and is a particularly strong anti-inflammatory, it strengthens the digestive system, fights bacteria, blocks toxins and has a healing ability and strong antiseptic which can help cure throat infections, coughs and infections of the mouth. I would recommend that you add ginger root to soup as well, it also enriches the taste and strengthens your immune system. You can also drink tea with slices of ginger and manuka honey. And in a state of acute illness scratch half a teaspoon of Gingr over half a teaspoon of manuka honey and consume three times daily.

4. Consume enough Vitamin C - Vitamin C helps boost your immune system. There are plenty of foods that are rich in vitamin C that can be consumed daily: bell peppers, kiwi, guava, strawberries, papaya, citrus fruits, peas, and tomatoes.

5. drops of garlic and olive oil are great for ear infections - garlic is known as the most powerful treatment of infection and inflammation especially with a olive oil as the base which contains large amounts of antioxidants .


Turmeric Drink Recipe:
Easy and delicious:
2 cups of coconut water with no added sugar
Fresh turmeric root ( 1oz )
Fresh ginger root ( ½ oz )

¼ teaspoon
sea salt
tablespoon of manuka honey
Instructions: in a blender mix coconut water, turmeric root and ginger. After its blended well, strain the liquid and pour into a jar, add the lemon juice, salt, and honey and mix well.
(take a shot of the mixture every morning with something oily to maximize absorption)