Saying goodbye to summer, but not to our summer bodies


Labor Day has passed and the summer days are becoming a distant memory, but that does not mean your summer body has to go with them. With the new school year starting and the holidays quickly approaching, it's easy to lose sight of the rigorous fitness routines, and healthy eating habits we have created.

Trust me we get it, we know how easy it can be to throw out the short shorts and green smoothie for a chunky sweater and pumpkin spiced latte. But why ? why hide behind layers of clothing and feel crappy about ourselves. Why must we give into the vicious cycle of the seasons and yoyo with our weight? This fall let's change the way we approach our health goals, let's make them a priority as opposed to something we do when we find the time. We should always have the time to make positive, health-conscious decisions.

So I know what you all are thinking ... this all sounds great but how do we do it? So the first and most important thing is to set goals for yourself in order to stay motivated and focused. So...

Step 1) Make a list of health goals you have for yourself. Make one list of long term goals such as: lose 25 pounds, work out 5 days a week, drink at least 2 liters of water everyday, lower body fat percentage etc.... Then once you have made a list of all your long term goals make a list of your short term goals. I typically like to make this list a weekly list with daily goals such as: Monday: run for at least 45 minutes Tuesday: eat green vegetables with every meal, Wednesday: resistance training in the morning, Thursday: Pilates and no coffee. Make these goals smaller and easier to achieve. You will see after a couple of weeks that there is no such thing as a small accomplishment as each goal that you complete leads you one step closer to getting to your long term goals. It's amazing how quickly our smaller goals add up.

Step 2) Plan and Prepare. I always tell my clients failing to plan is planning to fail. In order to successfully tackle your goals list you must first be properly prepared. This means, for example, if you are planning to eat more spinach, that you make sure you go out and buy the spinach you need, you have it cooked and ready to go in the fridge, and that way you can't get out of eating it. Or If you're planning to go to pilates on Thursday morning, sign up for your class ahead of time, mostly likely they will fine you with a non attendance fee if you don't show up making you all the more motivated to attend. Bottom line: do what you need to do ahead of time so that your priorities defeat your excuses.

Step 3) DO IT.
The hardest part is starting, but we promise once you do you wont regret it. Be different this year, make a change in your mind, body, spirit and don't wait until the season changes to do so. Don't hide behind your chunky sweater this fall wear it proudly.... maybe reward yourself with some cute boots to match ;]