The 20 Day Mark


20 days into my diet

Good morning my dear friends,
here I am, back again with more stories about my experiences while trying to lose all these extra pounds I packed with gusto in recent years

It's Monday, also known as: Judgement Day

It is Monday, January 25, My youngest son TAL turned 21 today and I woke up this morning wondering how the years flew by, leaving behind lots of memories and no regrets.

Regrets are for those who live in the past, there is nothing I could do about things that went wrong, so I choose to concentrate on improving the present, so I can look forward to a great future.

But first and foremost, I need to lose the weight

all said and done, today is Monday and Monday is my judgement day, when I go to Karin to weigh and measure myself:


I hate Mondays
I hate my diet
I hate myself
I hate Karin
I hate the scales
I specially hate karin’s scales
I hate my weight
I hate my measurements
I hate
I cannot breath
My hands are sweating
My legs are shaking
I try to keep them high
To shift my weight a bit into the sky
So maybe just maybe
Some of it will skip
The scales
I close my eyes
I pray
I could have eaten less
I should have exercise a bit
For sure I didn't drink enough
I should have taken off my bras as well
I should have cut my nails
I shouldn't have put my morning cream
It must weigh at least two pounds
I could, I would, I should
It is too late now
It is the moment of truth
Did I mention how much and who I hate?

No means of escape
Karin’s voice brought me back
To space

Good job!
You lost 4 ½ pounds and a few inches,
16 pounds behind and 84 to go
I love my life
I love myself
I adore Karin she is the best
My diet is the best

I am 57 year old, very confident and secure woman who typically has a way with words, but karin’s voice rendered me speechless.
Hallelujah, I lost more weight , what a great scale she has, I should buy the exact same one because it just became my best new friend.


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the bravest one of all?

I certainly am today

“Your fitness is 100% mental, your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it”

I really was very good with my diet this last week but I am slacking big time
on my exercise routine, It is basically void and null

The only exercise I had this week, was walking in Venice this Sunday, strolling through its beautiful canals all the way to abbot Kinney where. There I walked into every store checking out all the beautiful clothing that would never fit me (at least not yet).The weather was great, everyone crawled out of their holes, walking down the streets and I once again felt soooo good about myself, walking five miles and a bit more than 10000 steps, why can't I do this everyday?

Oh yeah beacuse I have to work.

During the week my butt is stuck to my chair and it refuses to move. I try persuading it, I whisper kind words and warn him about Karin, but he stays, glued to my seat. What am I to do?


Perhaps you can help. Motivate me my friends, send some advise my way, because if I succeed in loosing all this weight without exercising, I will end up looking like a skinny person with a flubby body and all this extra skin. Please help!!!!!!!

Till the next time with much skinnier me,