The 29th Day.


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Hi again,
Well, here I am a week later, and four pounds lighter, searching for words that will best describe my transformation into a skinnier version of myself.

I went to Karin on Monday to weigh myself all over again and found myself stuck at the same weight as last week, in other words I lost zilch, nada, 0 pounds.

I stared angrily at the scale, who instantly became my biggest enemy once again. Thank you for not appreciating all my efforts, for sitting there, glaring at me with a big evil smirk making me question myself. Well, I wasn't a bit happy, I knew I lost some weight, for God sakes I have a Miror at home and all those smaller sizes clothes in my closet that are starting to fit, so what happened here?

Karin is calm as a cucumber, don't worry, she says, it happens all the time, tell me about your week.

I start recalling my boring weekly routine and she says, of course there are two major things working against you, you ate much less than you are required to and you took a lot of Benadryl for your allergies, that is holding you from loosing the weight, come again on Wednesday and we will weigh you again.

Karin immediately prescribed how to prepare a turmeric ginger shot and ordered me to start taking it three times a day to keep my allergies at bay.

Today was Wednesday, I woke up with a bitter taste in my mouth and butterflies in my belly, here I go again, I put on my leggings and sneakers and decided to walk to her house, challenging my allergies to stay calm, and who knows maybe ill lose a couple of pounds on my way.

Thank god, I lost four more pounds. I was so relived but upset at the same time that I allowed the scale to make me doubt myself. I mean, here I am exposing my hard work, my body and my soul to the world and I have nothing to show for it? No thank you! It didn't sit well with me, I am committed to making a change and I cannot bear to see or hear that nothing happened, as it is I am already out of patience to get to the end, to cross that finish line, to shed all this weight and I really cannot waste a week without results, especially when I am being so good.

Twenty pounds behind eighty more to go, please help me god…I promise I’ll be good.

And a little life story before I go my friends

“Nothing tastes as good as zipping up that little pink dress will feel”

On Sunday I went to a jewelry sale at my friend Michal Grinwald’s house. Michal started creating beautiful unique jewelry and it was the first time she publicly showed them. She invited friends and friends of friends to come see her beautiful treasures. Of course, being the wonderful host that she is she prepared a beautiful table not only of jewelry but of gorgeous, tempting, sexy, decadent desserts.

Due to the fact that all of the jewelry was so beautiful, of course, the ladies had trouble choosing just one. Because when you bring a woman near beautiful jewelry at a moderate price, they want to have it all, but their bank accounts and their husbands do not.

Each woman set aside four or five pieces and made their way to the buffet table. I wasn't the only one sticking to the carrots and celery sticks it seemed all the women were staring painfully at the cake while eating their bland plain veggies. Being the meticulous observer that I am, I began to notice that after a couple bites of veggies the ladies make their way back to the jewelry and set a side a couple more pieces.

It became obvious to me in that moment what was happening. These women were replacing their desire to eat the cake with buying the jewelry. It was as if they were rewarding themselves, as if for every slice of cake they weren’t having they could get another bracelet. The satisfaction they longed for from the cake was easily and quickly replaced with the satisfaction they felt from buying bracelets. Is that what we do? Is this our reward system? I guess this leaves our husbands with two very terrible options? fat wife, or deflated bank account.

I bet if there were men involved, they would stare at the bracelets for moment, choose one and then go outside with a cigar and some beer and a plate full of cakes to devour, no need for any sort of compensation or rewards for all the effort they didn't make.

Goodness, ladies we are a funny breed.

Luckily I was there to sell jewelry that day so I put my observation to good use. While sticking a slice of bell pepper into each of their mouths, I managed to add a bracelet to almost all of their purchases. Worked out for me and Michal!

So I leave u with this advice ladies, DO NOT go shopping when hungry, and if you have a jewelry line invite a bunch of hungry women.

Till the next time,