The Holidays

Hiii Guys,
With the holidays just around the corner and the weather getting colder and colder it’s easy for working out and eating healthy to slowly fall to the bottom of our agendas, BUT just because temptation is forthcoming does not mean we have to completely abandon our practice of mindful eating. Now, I chose to use the word mindful here with purpose because I still believe you should enjoy yourself during the holidays (dinners, parties, vacations) but I also believe you can do it while maintaining balance, by being mindful of what, when, and how much you choose to eat. The upcoming season is one you should absolutely enjoy, but pleasure doesn’t have to come at a cost. For this reason I have decided to share a few tips to help you stay mindful so that you can have all the fun, without all of the guilt.

Tips for the holiday dinner/party:

Yes, I know, there’s nothing quite like the food at a holiday party, oh and the drinks, they flow like a holiday river. It’s hard to be on a diet during these events, no doubt about it, but it’s not impossible to still behave yourself. Consider some of these tips so that you don’t get confused with Santa Clause after your holiday party this year.

  • ALWAYS have a plate of salad or soup before going in for the main dishes. There is a reason that the salad plate covers the entree plate, it is meant to be used first. Raw vegetables, because of their high fiber content, take longer to digest and help us in feeling full. Having the salad before the rest of your meal, instead of with it, will help you from overeating some of the heavier stuff. Soup can also be really filling and is recommended before the mains.

  • Second rule, and this may sound obvious, but make smart choices. DO NOT go and load your plate with every fattening thing in sight. Scope out the selection see what it is you’re dying to have the most and put only those items on your plate, in small portions. Along with those couple of things you’re excited about have healthier options like veggies, protein, and salad. Enjoy in moderation.

  • Do not come hungry. A lot of people like to eat lightly the day of party or dinner and build up an appetite for their decadent holiday meal. Not a good idea. You should wake up, have breakfast, workout, and treat the day as you would any other. If you start the off the day by making health conscious decisions you will be more inclined to keep that mentality going. Likely, you will still have a piece of cake, or a bite of mashed potatoes, but you won’t act like a starving animal trying to catch his prey.

  • Stay away from sugary cocktails. Stick to lighter alcohols like gin, vodka, and tequila. Use non sugary chasers like lime, soda, and tonics. If you’re a wine drinker stay away from the bubbly stuff, stick to the dryer red and whites.


She'll forgive you.

Tips for holiday vacations:

Yes, going on vacation means abandoning your ordinary life, for a temporary, more lavish one, but that doesn’t mean you need to completely abandon you’re healthy eating habits. If you can manage to bring 35 outfits for a 5-day trip to the Caribbean you can probably bring with you a few of your healthy eating tools as well (and yes these are metaphorical tools they won’t actually take up room in your suitcase or get you in trouble with TSA)

  • Always have a big, healthy breakfast. It is important to start your day off with a big meal. Usually hotels offer a wonderful breakfast selection with tons of fresh fruit, eggs, and yummy vegetables. Stay away from the carby stuff like pancakes, bagels, waffles. Starting your day with a healthy meal will cause you to be more mindful about your eating the rest of the day. It will also energize you, get your metabolism going, and keep you from snacking on junk. If you do want to indulge wait for a nice dinner or lunch, make your choices count! this brings me to my second point…

  • MAKE YOUR CHOICES WORTHWHILE!! do not eat just to eat, or because it’s in front of your face. Indulging is so much better when you make it special. Find one meal of the day to really enjoy yourself. Whether it’s by having a couple more cocktails than usual, or sharing all the appetizers on the menu, or having some pasta, I encourage it, just don’t do it at every meal. Pick and choose when it’s appropriate.

  • Find the time to incorporate some physical activity into your itinerary. If you’re in a tropical location go on a swim, if you’re in the mountains go on a hike, if you’re in a city walk through museums, and if you’re in the snow go skiing or boarding. It’s not hard to stay active on vacation. Relaxation is a mental state. you can still be totally and completely relaxed while keeping your body busy.