Vegetarian's Guide to the 21 Day Sugar Free Detox


Hi, so first off let me introduce myself. I’m Bat-el, graduate of the 21-day sugar free detox and the current member of Karin’s 6-week advanced course. In June I decided to go vegetarian, and with my decision came a bit of a weight gain. This is normal for someone making this big nutritional change as people normally do one of two things when becoming vegetarian, lose weight or gain weight, I evidently did the latter. While I wanted to remain a vegetarian, I couldn't continue on gaining the extra weight. I needed to find a solution, and that’s how I stumbled upon my beloved Karin.

In my first week of the program I lost 8 pounds, yes you heard me 8 whole pounds in 7 short days. This was working, it was actually working, it felt like fire works had gone off. Obviously a lot of it was water weight, but it was working, and I was still eating. The only difference was that I was now eating well. When I had gone vegetarian I had turned to grains, breads, and pastas because I assumed that was the only way to feel full. Boy, was I wrong. I was approaching vegetarianism in the wrong way, until of course I joined the 21 day sugar free program.

The change in my lifetyle did not happen overnight, and it wasn't always easy, but with each day I began to feel more confident in my diet, in my body, and my overall self. After some trials and regulations, I figured out what worked for me and from then on I woke up everyday with a smile excited about my progress and my journey. Lucky for you I’ve been there, done that, and have learned the tips and tricks a vegetarian needs to know when completing the program and maintainting a healthy lifestyle:

  • Switch out your pasta, rice, and grains with butternut squash or spaghetti squash. I like to make casseroles with the spaghetti squash, and butternut squash works the same way as sweet potato most times, but it’s a little less sweet.

  • Soups are your best friend. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t make myself a big pot of soup. Soups are a great lunch option if you are on-the-go or they can supplement your dinner. They are low-carb and delicious, especially in this cold weather. You can also make them in large quantities and keep them for the week in your fridge. My favorite is Karin’s butternut squash soup.

  • Start your morning with a warm meal like an omlette and veggies. I feel that my morning isn’t complete unless I have my eggs and bell peppers. It keeps me full till lunch, provides protein in the morning, and is easily digested in my system.

  • ALWAYS have fruit on hand. There have been times when my brain kept flashing chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and luckily I had melons, strawberries, and blueberries on hand. Fruits are great alternative to overly sweet and sugary desserts.

  • Nut butter vs. nuts. For a vegetarian who goes low-carb nuts become like tic-tacs. I inhale them! My favorite are pecans; I literally can’t buy them anymore because I can finish the whole bag, if I’m not careful. I find that if you do a teaspoon or even a tablespoon of nut butter (no sugar added) and pair that with veggies or a fruit you are less likely to go munching on a bag of almonds.

  • FILL YOUR PLATE WITH VEGGIES. I always fill at least half of my plate with a salad, steamed veggies, or grilled veggies. The more veggies you pile on the better. Veggies will keep you full, they are high in fiber, and they will compliment any choice of protein you like (i.e. tempeh, tofu, chickpeas, lentils).

Being a low-carb sugar free vegetarian can have its moments of trickiness, but with a strong support system, ultimate preparation, and these small tips it is possible to be fit, healthy, sexy and vegetarian. If you want some easy recipes, make sure to head to Karin’s page where I’ve uploaded my tofu casserole and chickpea stir fry, then go sign up to Karin’s 21-day sugar free detox immediately!!!

Bat-el Miller