Corporate Wellness

“When a team understands how much a company cares about each individual person, the people will work harder, be more dedicated and can more easily operate as one unit. If the overall wellness of an organization is evaluated and treated holistically, a company can minimize mechanical and structural problems while maximizing culture and profitability.” - Doctor Roger Sahoury, Author of Gladiator’s Guide to Corporate Health & Wellness

Why is Corporate Wellness Important?

Health and wellness is said to be the new frontier and fuel for the successful businesses of tomorrow. Corporate wellness contributes to managing staff stress, decreasing sick leave, increasing staff motivation and productivity, improving work and life balance, improving staff relation and support, and lastly greater return on investment.

How Can We Help?
Through years of research and experience we have developed an effective approach to corporate nutrition that helps individuals, teams, and organizations maximize performance. Our services can be tailor fit to meet any corporate standards or goals.

What We Offer….

Corporate Wellness Workshop:
A one-time wellness workshop for individuals, teams, or whole organizations covering the following:

1. Explanation on how good nutrition can enhance quality of life for employees: sleep, mood, energy, weight loss, stress management, and work/life balance.
2. Provide employees with the necessary tools they need to make health conscious decisions both in the office and at home. We do this by going beyond telling them what to eat, but focusing on the why and how to eat, in order to yield lasting results
3. We create a fun, healthy, and motivated work environment through suggesting effective food and exercise strategies for the office.

A wellness workshop is the first step in creating a healthy, productive work environment. If there is continued interest in corporate wellness we also offer a long term wellness plan, our 21 Day Clean Eating Plan for Businesses.

The 21 Day Clean Eating Plan for Business:

Our 21 Day Clean Eating Plan is designed to help individuals lose weight, improve sleep, enhance mood and energy, boost immunity, and improve overall quality of life. The program does this through providing individuals with the proper tools needed to lead a healthy life. We believe that when applied to a corporate setting the benefits of the program go far beyond the individuals but massively effect success of the organization.

What is included in the 21 Day Clean Eating Plan for Business?

The program includes:
4 interactive workshops with Certified Holistic Nutritionist and health coach, Karin Adoni. Each workshop will cover the following topics:
1. Breaking the vicious cycle of sugar and an introduction to the program (the what to, how to, and why to of eating). How to begin making the office a healthier environment for all.
2. Understanding the various food groups and knowing how to create well-balanced meals. Ideas for office lunches and cleaning out the break room.
3. Learning to read food labels, understanding ingredients, and being able to identify healthful choices. Creating office incentives to support one another in weight loss goasl.
4. Combing all the tools we’ve given you to create permanent healthy lifestyle habits that continue far beyond the program. (learning to eat socially, at business meetings, and on business trips)

A guidebook will be provided to each employee containing:
• 4 meal plans specific to each week
• lecture summaries from all 4 workshops
• tips and guidelines for each specific week
• over 50 unique recipes
• Weight and measurement chart as well as self-assessment surveys to track progress

Additionally, every employee will be added to a private Facebook group where they are able to interact with Karin and one another sharing progress, photos, tips and recipes.

Gift cards and other prizes will be given to employees as incentives.

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