Kid’s Nutrition Lecture

They say the habits we develop as children are the ones we are most likely to carry on into later life. Our kid’s nutrition lecture provides parents with the tools they need to instill healthy habits within their children and maintain a happy, healthy home.

Our lecture kid’s nutrition lecture covers the following topics:

Creating healthy habits for your children

Making healthy decisions for your home

Learning which foods and ingredients to avoid

Understanding the influence of junk food on your children

Knowing the effects of processed foods on your body

Choosing healthy alternatives and recipes for the family

Karin has been giving lectures on family nutrition to parents and teachers of various daycares, preschools, and elementary schools across Southern California for the last 5 years.

Sports Nutrition Lecture

Healthy eating and fitness go hand in hand. Our sports nutrition lecture explores the various ways our eating habits can enhance our physical performance and nurture our active bodies.

Our lecture covers the following topics:

Learning how to create, achieve, and maintain health goals

Knowing which foods to eat to gain muscle mass, lose body fat, and enhance performance

Knowing which foods replenish the body and help with recovery

Making the right food choices for the right type of work out

Karin has been giving lectures on Sports Nutrition for the last 5 years both in Los Angeles and New York Cit. She served as the head of the nutrition department for Reebok Sports Club and as the nutritional consultant for all pop-up Nike events in New York City.

For bookings please email: Karin@sugarfreequeen.com or call us directly at (747) 230-5496