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The 21 Day Detox is designed to rid your body of its cravings, help you lose those stubborn pounds, boost your metabolism and increase your energy & mood. 21 days can make a big difference!

Designed to get you into the best physical and mental shape after you hit your 40s, even when it feels impossible we can help regain the control and lose those stubborn pounds.

Designed to get you into the best physical and mental shape of your life, with a deep understanding on nutrition, preventive health education, and behavioral change.

This program is destined for continued weight-loss and a more in-depth look at the process! You will work for true behavior change, and take everything to the next level.

21 Day Detox Program

45+ Menopause Program

90 Day Transformation Program

365 Day Lifestyle Program

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New: The Dessert Book!

This book’s recipes reflect some of Karin’s favorite desserts (holiday ones, too!) modernizing them to be lighter, fresher, and even more delicious. It has 40 amazing recipes. Each one combines quality ingredients with bold flavors, creating desserts that leave you wondering why you ever questioned clean eating in the first place. Karin has included key substitutions for those on Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto, and Vegan diets. No one should have to compromise great taste!

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