August 27, 2020 What 5 Foods You Should Avoid 

  The secret to a healthier lifestyle Losing weight, and feeling your best doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistent lifestyle

July 30, 2020 Summer Sweets

DESSERT, HEALTHY, SNACK, RECIPE, SUMMER , COOL Its starting to get warmer and as the heat grows stronger the

July 27, 2020 Healthy homemade fudge popsicles

4-Ingredient Healthy homemade ice cream popsicles   Servings: 12 mini popsicles Calories: 86 calories Ingredients: 1  can low fat coconut milk 1/2 cup dark cocoa powder 1/3 cup pure

April 17, 2020 Spring recipes!

Frozen Blueberry Bites INGREDIENTS: 1 cup blueberries 1⁄2 cup Greek yogurt A few toothpicks INSTRUCTIONS: Place a berry on a toothpick