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90 Day Transformation – October 18th, 2022



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90 Day Transformation – October 18th, 2022


October 18, 2022 - January 18, 2023

מרגישות שאתן בתוך התהליך כבר תקופה והגיע הזמן לשינוי? מכירות את התכנים אבל מרגישות שחסר לכן משהו בשביל להגיע לשלב הבא, השלב הסופי, להבין בצורה עמוקה יותר את התכנים, להתניע שוב את תהליך הירידה במשקל, ולהפנים סופית את השינוי? אז התוכנית הזאת בדיוק בשבילכן! 50 מתכונים חדשים ומרגשים, 4 תפריטים חדשים, נושאים שונים והבנה עמוקה יותר של החומר, אם אתן רוצות לסיים את התהליך בדרך החזקה והעמוקה יותר ולהגיע לתוצאות מטורפות התוכנית הזאת בשבילכן! *** מיועדת לנשים אשר עשו 2 תוכניות של 90 ומעלה בלבד **

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Our 90 Day Transformation program is designed to get you into the best physical and mental shape of your life. In 90 days, you will learn how to be in complete control of your health, knowing the ins and out of what to eat and how to train. Find out how to make healthy habits and transform them into a manageable lifestyle.


Cycle 1: Detox Plan (Day 1-30) In the first part of the program, we will be following the detox meal plan and will focus on detoxing the body through eating a strict clean diet. We break unhealthy foods habits and normalize our blood sugar levels by eliminating refined sugars and processed foods. In this cycle, you can expect to lose weight and inches, reduce unhealthy cravings, boost your metabolism, and increase your overall energy.

Cycle 2: Fitness + Clean Eating Plan (day 31-60) In cycle two we will continue to focus on clean eating but not in a detox format. We will be sticking to a clean diet and fitness plan which incorporates daily workout in addition to your meal plan. With fitness and clean eating at the core of this cycle, you can expect to gain muscle mass, continue to lose weight and inches, enhance your mood and energy, and regulate to a daily fitness routine.

Cycle 3: Fitness + Maintenance Plan (day 61-90) In the third and final cycle of the program, we will be sticking to our fitness and maintenance plan. As we near the end of the program we want you to keep to a meal and fitness plan that is attainable long after the program ends. By this stage, your body should be regulated to clean eating and to work out daily. By the end of this cycle, you can expect to continue to gain lean muscle mass, lose weight and inches, as well as be knowledgeable enough to start creating your routine.

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Start date: October 18, 2022

End date: January 18, 2023

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