Lead Mentor

Revital is 43 years old from Arizona , she comes from a successful career in the hightech industry. After more than 15 years working in Intal and Elbit she decided to take a break and to stay home with her 3 beautiful kids.


Revital joined our 42 day program followed by 2 90 day programs back to back to back, the programs have changed her inside and out, Revital want trough a personal tragedy 6 years ago, she lost her baby being while she was 7 months pregnant, that experience let to years of depression.


Revital states that joining our programs changed her life completely, she found the way to finally take better care of herself, to remember to put herself as a priority, she re-discovered herself and her passion for health wellness, she dropped from a size 10 to size 0, started cooking healthier for everyone and found what makes her happy again!


Revital joined in November 2017 and ever since helped thousands of people to lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle and to learn the great skill of consistency.