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21 Day Boost
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21-Day Detox

My 21 Day Detox takes your body to the next level and is the best way to kick-off your healthy lifestyle journey, focusing on eating whole real foods, eliminating processed foods and refined sugars for 21 days, while adopting and developing new healthy habits.

Benefits: weight loss, increased energy, daily support, accountability and motivation, balanced blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, knowledge of internal processes, creation of healthy habits, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle post-program.

Resources: Access to a closed Facebook group (available in English and Hebrew) , being a part of an amazing community, daily short video, daily food logs + feedback and corrections,  weekly long educational videos, grocery lists, menus, recipes, and tips. +ongoing daily group support via group messenger

Includes: 4 detailed videos each covering a related topic – how to read food labels, the food groups, healthy cooking, dining out, and many more topics.

During the 21 days, you could lose 6-12 pounds

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