42 Day Clean Eating Program


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The 42 day program is different than any other diet out there. I am going to teach you the best way to lose weight and to keep it off for good! No gimmicks, no BS, just whole real food! You will learn what are the best food choices to make, how to dine out smartly, cook healthy, simple, and tasty! ​ It’s going to be simple. No special foods and no crazy workouts! You will receive a balanced meal plan that will reduce the hunger and sugar cravings. In 42 days you will lose 11-18 pounds and will feel amazing! You will be receiving the 42 Day Clean Eating Program Guidebook which includes everything you’ll need for the program: lecture summaries, weekly detailed meal plans, grocery lists, over 100 amazing recipes, weight charts, tips, and guidelines, weekly long videos with Karin, and daily short motivational videos. You will be a part of our private Facebook group (available in English and Hebrew) where we you will share, daily food logs which we will comment and correct you on a daily basis, daily tips, recipes and ongoing support.

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