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Aviva azren
I started my relationship with Karin Adoni Ben David as a follower , followed her on Facebook for a wile,checked all the comments,pictures of before and after of others people and thought why not me? As a fat person I always have an excuses: it’s not gone work for me,I can’t do diet,I loooooove breads and sweets and the list can go on and on.To make a long story short I decided to give it a try and that was one of my best decisions that I ever done!!!!

Karin never gave me a diet she gave me a new Health LifeStyle!!!

I’m learning everyday to make good choices about my food. I’m enjoying a variety of healthy and tasty food!
I’m with Karin for the last 3 years and she have menu for EVERYBODY!!!!For pregnant women,for breastfeeding women,detox,people that work hard every the kids,you name it!!! She always available for me with any question, support me when I’m in a bad mood and craving for food.l can still eat all the the thing that I love in a healthy version. I feel GREAT,HEALTHY and of course-skinny Thank you for teaching me and show me and my family that Tasty Can Be Healthy
Riva nahmiyas
Karin opened a whole world of eating healthy habits, provided so much information, recipes. Her supportive videos and phone calls always hit the spot as someone who had been there done that and gave the best tools to deal with it. Even though I’m close to my target weight and I’ve adopted the clean, healthy lifestyle , I need her support once in a while in order to keep in track. She is absolutely the best! Kind and super professional!
Valerie dahan
Highly recommended. You learn how to eat healthy and all recipes are tasty. From my own experience I lost 17 pounds in less than 8 months which for me is a lot and I’m not far from my ideal weight of 10 years ago. If you are looking for variation , great support and the perfect program , this is IT!! I would not call it a diet . If I had to give it a name I would call it “ the perfect way to be healthy and happy “. Try it. You will not regret it.

Karin AdoniBen-David

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