What 5 Foods You Should Avoid 


The secret to a healthier lifestyle

Losing weight, and feeling your best doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistent lifestyle changes that build better diet habits and sticking to it! We know it can be hardBut if there are at least 5 foods you should stay away from it should be these! 

Stay away from these foods at all costs.

1. Sugary Drinks 

Sugary drinks AKA liquid calories doesn’t always register in your brain as food, and therefore seriously increase your calorie intake. Sugary drinks are linked to diabetes, and obesity, and is one of the most fattening foods in our modern-day diet. Sugary drinks can range from sodas, to sports drinks to juices to specialty coffee drinks. 

These sneaky calories are ones you should 100% avoid, think of it this way—would you rather drink a can of coke or a slice of cake? Cut out any sugary drinks and you’ll see and feel a difference within even the first week. Load up on water as an alternative, trust us, your body will thank you! 

2. Fried Foods

Many people don’t see the harm in fried foods, and actually believe that frying veggies or fish are as good for you as eating them baked. This is totally false. Deep frying your food is basically like adding on a ton of extra calories, plus destroying the good nutrients in these foods in the first place (making them empty calories). 

Aside from packing on the extra calories to your food, the oil that these foods are fried in carries a lot of trans fat which increases the risk of obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke.

Learn alternative cooking methods like grilling or baking your foods, or even eating them raw! This is a sure way to get the vitamins and nutrients that the food are supposed to deliver to your body and in turn will help you lose weight, and feel more energized. 

3. Artificial Sweeteners

These sweeteners might seem like a good alternative to real sugar, but the truth is they’re not. Artificial sweeteners are much sweeter than regular sugar, and can actually trick your brain to crave more sugar and junk foods. So basically by trying to lessen your sugar intake these artificial sweeteners are helping your body to do the opposite. 

If you want a better alternative to sugar turn to things like natural honey, or date syrup instead.  

4. Margarine  

Margarine is another important food to avoid! It is high in bad fats, and low in good fats, plus contains a ton of trans fat. And like we mentioned earlier, foods high in trans fats are linked to higher cholesterol, obesity and heart disease. 

Turn to alternatives like olive oil or coconut oil instead, but also use these in small amounts. 

5. White Bread 

Most white breads you find in the stores, or super markets contain a large amount of refined wheat, and low fiber/ nutrients. Consuming these breads leads to high spikes in blood sugar levels, and is associated with higher weight gain and obesity. 

Cutting out white bread alone will trigger weight loss, increased energy and lower blood sugar levels. 

Overall it’s important to remember that setting goals, and staying consistent is the key to building better habits. Creating healthier lifestyle changes doesn’t happen overnight but is built over time. Make gradual small changes that you can stick to and you’ll become more and more successful in your weight loss journey! Also don’t be too hard on yourself, everything in moderation, it’s okay if you break every now and then.

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